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September Edition

Help your child understand the Value of Money

By Sanjiv Bajaj- Managing Director, Bajaj Capital Ltd.

We have to accept the fact that kids hate theoretical knowledge and they love learning from experience and feel. It's high time we stop lecturing children on money matters and start the true learning process by creating situations that would make them learn from experiencing it.

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Best time to invest is now

By Anil Chopra- Group CEO & Director, Bajaj Capital Ltd.

If you are investing in equity market at a time when the market is down, then I will say that is a wrong strategy. Invest when you have money rather than when the market is down.If you follow financial discipline, I bet you can certainly make a handsome profit.

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Five reasons why you should invest in company fixed deposits

Company FDs have become a popular choice only due to the fact that they provide higher returns when compared to the FD schemes being offered by private and public sector banks. Consider investing in Company FD as the interest rate is 2-4 percent higher than what is offered by bank.

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Reliance Retirement Fund- Tailor made retirement solution

Reliance Mutual Fund launches one stop Equity & Debt Oriented Retirement Solution- "RELIANCE RETIREMENT FUND" an open ended notified tax savings cum pension scheme u/s 80C. It is an apt solution for all type of investors, young or aged.

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Our DNA is not our destiny

By Shri K.K. Bajaj - Chairman Bajaj Capital Ltd.

The new science of Epigenetics, a study of changes in the gene activity, has revealed how the choices you make can change your genes, and those of your children and grandchildren.

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