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Gain Maximum from Mutual Fund SIP

Mutual funds help you to diversify across a group of stocks, while SIPs help you to diversify over time. By spreading the investment across a long period, the investor is able to average the cost of purchase.

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Post Budget Investment Scenario

By Mr. Rajiv Bajaj – VC & MD, Bajaj Capital

Mr. Bajaj said, ''This is the time when every investor should re-look to their investment portfolio and do believe in the principal of asset allocation and do continue to believe in that. Do not get affected by market volatility'' in an interview with Anchor Avni Raja for '' In Business show'' on Bloomberg TV India.
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Marathon to Debt Free Life

According to Maslow's Hierarchy Model of needs, the basic needs of a human being starts with shelter, food and water and later when he attains these, he proceeds to belongings, self-esteem and self-actualization.

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Earn Yield to Maturity upto 11.79*%

presenting fixed deposit schemes offered by renowned fixed deposit companies

  • Minimum Amount: Rs. 10,000/-
  • NRI can also invest.
  • Additional Interest for Senior Citizens.
  • Non-Cumulative Interest Option available-Through ECS Mode.
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Have you packed your travel insurance, for the upcoming vacation?

Most of us are planning a summer getaway, whether to a European sunspot, any Schengen countries, any of the beach locations or a cottage stay in countryside or even in India.

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