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Post Budget Investment Scenario 2016

Bajaj Capital in association with Bloomberg TV organized its flagship event, ''La - Premier - Post Budget Investment Scenario 2016'' on 2nd March 2016 at The Park Hotel, New Delhi. The event was attended was Investors in order to understand more about investment scenario post budget 2016 announcements.

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Investment options for Housewives

By Anil Chopra, Group CEO Bajaj Capital Ltd.

Housewives have a very critical role to play in every family because they control the budget and they can set the culture whether it is saving culture or spending culture.

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15 items to take note for proper tax & investment planning

By Subhash Lakhotia- CNBC Awaaz

We are about to enter the last month of current financial year, it is time to make the most of tax saving investments. Here are the 15 important items for the year 2016 required to take care of tax and investment planning.

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Launch of Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme-March 2016 Series II by Govt. of India

Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme Series II has been announced and will be available from 8th March ) to 14th March'2016.
As per latest Union Budget, it has been proposed that any capital gains arising on redemption of the Sovereign Gold Bond scheme would be exempt from tax.
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Give ballast to your portfolio with dividend yield funds

Capital markets across the globe have entered into a bearish mood owing to developments in China and the tightening of liquidity that is expected to happen in the wake of rate hikes by the US Federal Reserve.
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