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July Edition

Selecting Insurance Plan: Make the Right Choice

The company with a good history of claim settlement ratio should always be given preference

It is often observed that investors get influenced by the higher returns and tax benefits offered by the companies.

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Plan Your Retirement- Beyond Provident Funds

Start investing as early as possible to reap maximum benefits

Retirement from regular income doesn't necessarily means you are in a position to retire from your accountabilities.

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Your HEALTH insurance will now generate WEALTH

To charm youth towards health insurance, IRDA can allow a savings-cum-health insurance product

This product could be a health insurance plan providing account to the policy holder where they can keep money to save for future medical expenses.

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How to Become Crorepati!

Create wealth by investing as small as Rs.5000 to Rs.10000 per month or lumpsum Rs. 5lakh

Now beat inflation and create tax free wealth by investing in growth schemes of selected equity mutual funds
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Lead a Financially Stress Free Life

Track your spending, stay within limit

5 things that can actually keep you out of debts and help you become financially stress-free.

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