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15 items to take note for proper tax & investment planning

We are about to enter the last month of current financial year, it is time to make the most of tax saving investments. Here are the 15 important items for the year 2016 required to take care of tax and investment planning.

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Tax Free Bonds 2015-16: Last opportunity to earn attractive returns

For the current financial year, government of India authorized state owned entities to raise Rs. 40,000 Crore through tax free bonds. Some of them are coming up with second round of issue. This is definitely a golden opportunity for investors who missed it during the first phase.

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Interview of Fund Managers: Reliance Dual Advantage Fixed Tenure Fund IX

We conducted an interview of Mr. Sanjay Parekh and Ms. Anju Chajjer, fund managers of Reliance dual advantage fixed tenure fund IX. During the conversation, they explained every aspect of the NFO closing on 1-3-2016. Read the complete interview to know more about this fund from Reliance.

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Enjoy total health care along with double tax benefits

Right from regular health issues to serious ailments, leading to hospitalization and expensive medical treatments – it's always good to take a health policy and be prepared for such unforeseen events. But how would you find out such comprehensive policy that takes complete care of your family with your different health requirements?
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What to do if lock-in period of your ELSS fund is over

After the expiry of the lock-in period of three years, the investor should review the performance of the scheme and in case the scheme has performed lower than the benchmark, then the investment amount may be shifted to another open-ended equity fund for better returns in future.
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