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Lowering Inflation still makes PPF attractive

There has been a lot of hue and cry on announcement of reduction in interest rates on some of the small savings schemes with effect from April 1, 2016. All of that noise is not justified. Let's understand why.

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Systematic Investment Plan: Most Sought After Questions

Systematic Investment Plan has become a very popular mode of investing in mutual funds. But, with the markets turning volatile in recent months, investors may be tempted to stop their SIPs and exit their equity fund investments. Hence, let us revisit the concept of SIP and answer some of the most popular questions that investors ask about this mode of investing.

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Travel Insurance: Make Your Overseas Travel a Complete Success

Travelling is essential to human beings. We travel to study, we travel for work, we travel for leisure and we travel to meet our dear ones. We travel short distances and we travel long distances. We use different means of travels like car, bus, train, plane or ship.

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Protect your health for less than Rs.10 per day

Get more wellness for up to 30% less the cost and safeguard your family from untoward medical expenses
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Earn Yield to Maturity upto 11.79*%

Presenting fixed deposit schemes offered by renowned fixed deposit companies

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