• Give your child the gift of a bright future.
Now you can plan for their future with confidence by investing in Axis Children's Gift Fund.

Why Axis Children's Gift Fund?

Goal planning benefit - It is a great way to plan for your child's education or any other goal that he / she wants to pursue.
Benefit of long-term investments - With the option of a longer holding period, you can have more time for the money to grow.
Asset Allocation Benefit -
- Money is invested in equities, therefore it holds great potential for long-term wealth creation.
- Since a portion of money is also invested in debt & money market instruments, it gives the much-needed cushion in terms of relatively less volatility.
I want to gift
My child a bright future!

Who can invest?*

Minor Kid

No limit

Parent / Guardian

No limit


No limit

Relative / Non-individual

No limit

*Please refer to the SID for the entire list of eligible investors.

How much you should invest?

Know how much you need to save to fulfil your child's dream -